Make your own 100% coconut oil soap at home

Below is two recipes, one for a 0% superfatted coconut oil soap to use purely to make your own washing powder. The second is a 20% superfatted pure coconut oil soap - basically the 1/4 moisturizing cream, with out all the extra cruddy chemicals and processing that goes with it.

Traditionally, soaps are made from several oils blended to balance cleansing/moisturizing/and lathering properties. In the soap making world one of the well known “rules” is that a soap should never be made of more than 30% coconut oil because it’s so effective at breaking up oil/grease that it can be drying to use. For a bar soap for personal use this is a bad thing, for cleaning things like clothes, it is fantastic!

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Shabby Chic Welsh Dresser Make-over

Look at this shabby chic hutch dresser! It has been upcycled to a cute country styled sideboard. Rustic.

I love the rustic, shabby chic look, and when I get the opportunity to up-cycle something I give it a go. My sister managed to score me a free welsh dresser. FREE. It was in pretty good nick too, a few old borer holes which I treated just in case, but other than that it was relatively tidy. It was however a scuddy 1980’s dark brown and the varnish was pretty scratched up. Functional, but not pretty. And while I aim for functionality, if you can fancy it up some for free (or minimal cost) why wouldn’t you?? Continue reading “Shabby Chic Welsh Dresser Make-over”

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