Garden Resources for a Self Sufficient Garden

Do you dream of self sufficiency? The first step to providing your own food is to grow your own self sufficient garden. Get all you need to know to get started. Sign up and receive our comprehensive list of nitrogen fixing plants instantly.

Heirloom Seeds from our Family to Yours

This is the growing collection of recipes, tips and tricks related to your vegetable garden, growing herbs and fruit at your place.

4 Reasons you Should Grow Vegetables
Designing Your Space.
Perennial Vegetables
Cover Crops
Crop Rotation
Week by Week Gardening Series
Starting a Vegetable Garden from Scratch Series
Benefits to Mulching

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  • Nitrogen Fixing Plants
  • Companion Planting Guide
  • Seed sowing/harvesting Guide
  • Neem Oil and Garlic Spray Recipe

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The Self Sufficient Garden

Being self sufficient is the dream of any homesteader.  Having a self sufficient garden is the beginning of becoming a producer rather than a consumer.

There are many reasons to grow your own vegetables, having food self reliance is only one of them.

Planning to be self sufficient in your garden takes some organisation and thought. Permaculture zones are a great place to start when planning a homestead.

They help you plan what you will use most often, and how to minimise your travel around your yard.

There are things you can do to reduce the amount of time you spend in your garden, making your place an efficient homestead.

Mulching, cover crops and perennial vegetables all play a part in a permaculture garden. Planting nitrogen fixing plants enriches your soil.

There are other things that you can do to save more money in the garden – make your own organic bug sprays, graft your own trees or grow your plants from seed.

If you haven’t grown anything in the past, I suggest our guide to starting a garden from scratch.

Once you are sorted with the basics you can jump on and follow our weekly garden guide that lets you know what you need to do and when in your garden.

So there you have it, all that you need to know to grow a self sufficient garden for your homestead. Grab your list of nitrogen fixing plants here.