The Ultimate Guide to Raising Meat Rabbits in a Colony

Colony Rabbits: Raising rabbits in a colony is the best way to ensure happy, healthy, natural rabbits. Our animals live a stress free life, with plenty of healthy, natural food, fresh water and sunshine. We have put together a comprehensive guide to raising meat rabbits in a colony to get you started on your way to raising your own colony of rabbits.

WARNING: These pages discuss housing, rabbit diseases and raising of rabbits  for human consumption and contains graphic pictures. If this topic disturbs you, please do not proceed.

Raising Meat Rabbits in a Colony

Housing Meat Rabbits in a Colony

Keeping a Meat Rabbit Colony – The Top 5 Questions Answered!

5 Reasons to Raise Meat Rabbits – A Sustainable Meat Source for the Homestead

Letting Your Rabbit’s Burrow

Choosing a Meat Breed of Rabbit

Feeding Rabbits – A list of Safe Foods

Breeding Rabbits and Raising Kits

Rabbit First Aid Kit

The Final Day – Butchering and Processing

4 Steps to Ensure Optimum Growth in Meat Rabbits

For more free resources including :

  • Rabbit Diseases Comprehensive Reference Guide   PDF to print: Rabbit diseases
  • Rabbit Troubleshooting Guide

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Colony Rabbits vs Cage Rabbits

Cage pro’s
Easy to catch
Easy to keep clean
Easier to keep them cool
They don’t fight
You can stack many many cages into a space.

Cage con’s
Initial setup cost is high
Feeding/watering takes a long time each day
Rabbits don’t have the room to run and play
Rabbits have less muscle tone
They don’t get to be social like rabbits like to be
Moody caged rabbits are more likely to feel threatened and bite

Colony pro’s
You can use an area you already have
Happy rabbits
Only feed one area per day – easier
Deep litter makes great compost
Rabbits can dig to keep warm or cool
Natural immunity/hardiness develops
Great muscle tone
Rabbits choose to come up for pats when you feed them
Moody rabbits can keep their distance

Colony con’s
Depending on setup it can be hard to catch rabbits but feeding them daily in an area that can be closed off solves that.
Less control over who breeds with who – but the stronger genes will win out
Less control over what happens in a burrow – but again the stronger genes will win.

Why we Chose to Colony Raise Rabbits

Because of our philosophy of happy animals, happy meat, we have chosen to raise our meat rabbits in a colony.

A colony is simply rabbit group housing. It can be as simple as a large hutch or as fancy as a massive barn/outdoor area.

At our place they all live in a small shed together and this means they are free to socialise, groom, run and snuggle, just how bunnies love to live.

Raising meat rabbits in a colony seemed like a natural step for us, we have built a purpose built rabbit colony shed and employ the deep litter bedding method in the shed.

Above is our keeping Meat Rabbits in a Colony Series. It covers housing, food, breeding, raising kits, common illnesses and a troubleshooting page.

If you have any tips or tricks to add, please by all means let me know and I will add them in!

Raising Meat Rabbits in a Colony growing in popularity with people wishing to provide their rabbits with a more natural way of life.

There are often less health issues, and if you choose to let natural selection take control, you will end up with very resilient, happy, healthy rabbits.

Foundation breeding stock need to be of good form, and weaned on to natural foods slowly. For the happiest bunnies try and allow them to dig in the dirt for their burrows.

There is a fantastic support group on facebook if you are looking for more support – MRiC

For more free resources please have a read in our library!

The Ultimate Guide to raising meat rabbits in a colony


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This is a collection of all you need to know about breeding and raising meat rabbits in a colony.